The Stencora Board of Advisors is a dedicated, talented, and exceptional group of Christian leaders. These great people use their extensive experience and expertise to provide a guiding light for Stencora.

Corneliu constantineanu
University Professor
Rev. Dr. Corneliu Constantineanu is University Professor at “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, Romania.

Rev. Dr. Corneliu Constantineanu is University Professor at “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad,

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Romania where in addition to teaching responsibilities

he is also the Director of Research for the Intercultural and Interconfessional Study Center at

FHSS, UAV. Dr. Constantineanu has a very wide academic, administrative and professional

experience and a unique international exposure through his teachings, lectures, conferences,

publications and various board memberships. He has held various key leadership and

administrative positions such as: President of the Theological Pentecostal Institute in Bucharest

(2010-2014), Dean of Graduate Studies and Academic Dean of Evanđeoski Teološki Fakultet in

Osijek, Croatia (1999-2008); Executive Director of the Areopagus Center for Christian Studies

and Contemporary Culture, Timisoara, Romania (2008 – 2010); Director of Lena and George

Hendrikson Library in Osijek (1996-2008). He is also a Quality Assurance Expert Evaluator in

Higher Education with The Romanian Government – the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher

Education, ARACIS. Similarly, Dr. Constantineanu served and continues to serve in various

International Boards of various organizations among which we mention: Board Member of the

Council of Trustees of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, UK (2010-2015); Board

Member of the Evanđeoski Teološki Fakultet, Osijek, Croatia (from 2012 – present); Board

Member in the International Leadership Team of INFEMIT, International Felowship for Mission

as Tranformation, representing Europe (2009 – present); Reference Board Member of APME, the

Romanian Pentecostal Foreign Mission Agency (2013 – present); Council Member in the

International Council of Langham Partnership International (2014 – present).

After an engineering degree with a specialization in biotechnologies, Corneliu continued

with theological studies obtaining his bachelor and masters in theology (summa cum laude) at

Evanđeoski teološki fakultet in Osijek, Croatia and then completed his doctoral studies/PhD in

theology at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and the University of Leeds, UK, with an

interdisciplinary research in Pauline and contextual theology about the social dimension of

reconciliation. In addition to his specialization and publications in the areas of Pauline theology

and reconciliation, Corneliu has a special interest in pursuing a holistic understanding of the

gospel as public truth, thus trying to integrate Christian faith with cultural, social and political

realities of everyday life. His publications include 20 books (author and editor) and over 150 other

studies, articles and chapters in book. Among his books we mention just a few: Mission in

Central and Eastern Europe: Realities, Perspectives, Trends (co-edited, Oxford: Regnum Books

International, 2016); Poporul lui Dumnezeu și societatea & Impactul Scripturii în lumea

contemporană, (co-edited, Editura Universității „Aurel Vlaicu”, 2016); The Power of the Gospel.

A Plea for the Word of God (Bucuresti, Editura Univiersitară, 2013); The Social Significance of

Reconciliation in Paul’s Theology. Narrative Readings in Romans (London/New York: T&T

Clark Continuum, 2010); Encountering the Other: Studies in Reconciliation (Casa Cărții de

Știință, 2009). Corneliu is married to Ioana and they have two daughters, Anamaria and Carmen.