Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Stencora Platform?

Stencora is designed as a multi-functional, multipurpose platform which offers you the possibility to tap into benefits that can help you and your contacts impact your community for the better by raising funds for a noble cause of your choosing and by protecting your loved ones from undesirable content.

What is Giver?

Giver is Stencora’s program that enables you to switch your wireless mobile provider and donate 10% of your monthly bill to a charity of your choice.

What is Protector?

An app made by Stencora for every loving Christian parent who wants to protect their children from inappropriate Internet content. With the Protector app for iOS and Android devices, you can easily provide full online safety for your loved ones, 24/7/365. Simply by becoming a member of Stencora and switching your wireless mobile provider, you get free access to this app.

How does Stencora work?

The Stencora platform works by bringing together people from different social backgrounds, cultures, or denominations, who are at some point bound by the same interests, needs or goals and unites them around Christian values and our mission.

What is the Advisory Board of Directors?

Our advisory board is a group of exceptional, dedicated, and talented Christian leaders. These individuals use their extensive experience and expertise to provide a guiding light for Stencora.

What languages are supported in Stencora Platform?

Stencora Platform is currently available both in English and Spanish. We are also actively working on making it available to the Romanian speaking US- based community.

How can I join Stencora?

In order to join Stencora, you will need to switch from your current mobile wireless provider to Apela - our partner company that donates 10% of your mobile bill to a cause of your choice. If you wish to start the process, follow this link.

How can I contact Stencora?

You can easily get in touch with us by filling the contact form which you will find located at the bottom of our home page.

What type of mobile plans are available through Stencora?

Stencora offers a wide range of mobile plans, each one tailored to best suit its customer. Once you are ready to join our platform, you will be given the possibility to sign up with an individual, shared, family or business plan. 

How do I contribute to a Cause if I sign up Apela?

Once you are signed up with an existing Cause in Stencora, you will start receiving monthly bills for the product you are using. Out of each individual bill paid, ten percent will go towards the Cause of your choosing.

How can I fundraise for a Cause?

By joining Stencora and signing up with one of our partner service providers, such as Apela, you can start raising funds for any personal or organizational Cause. The more people you get to sign up, the faster you get to accomplish your financial goal.

How can I create my own Cause through Stencora?

When you sign up with any of the available plans, you can determine whether you want to support one of your personal projects, your churches' or your organization's goal/Cause.

How can I raise funds for my Cause?

You can raise funds for your Cause by inviting people to join Stencora. Once they switch their mobile wireless provider to Apela, ten percent of their monthly bills will be redirected to your Cause.

*(It is important to know that your Cause will start receiving money from your supporters only after they have signed up with Apela and are paying their bills on time).*

How many supporters do I need in order to raise money for my Cause?

Based on your financial goal, we will provide you with a detailed plan. The obvious fact is that the more supporters you have, the easier and faster it will be for you to raise the funds needed for your Cause.

Can I invite somebody to join my Cause?

Yes, you can invite anybody to join and actively support your Cause.

How can I share my Cause with my friends?

There are several ways you can share your Cause with your friends:
1. In your Dashboard, under "My Pages" tab click the blue color share icon which will take you to a page where you can select one of the available options there. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter share or by choosing an automated email ready to be sent to whomever you want.
2. From your personal page, you can choose to invite by email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

How can I see who is contributing to my Cause?

The second tab in your Stencora Account is called “My Support Group”. This is where you can see who you helped sign up, the status of their contribution, and even if they referred the program to any other people.

How can I see to whom I sent invitations so far?

Under the Account Settings, the fourth tab is called "Invites". This is where you can see the complete list of emails you sent invitations to support your cause after using our invitation system.

Can I raise funds for more than one Cause at once?

The short answer is no. You can only contribute to one individual Cause at a time. If for some reason you wish to change the Cause you are supporting and move to another one, that is possible through your Dashboard. 

Can I have more than one Cause?

No, you can only have one Cause at a time. The solution to this is to eventually change the name and the goal of your Cause. 

Once I reach my first goal, what's next?

Note that one's goal is divided into four consecutive goals, each lasting up to 3 months, totaling up to one year. After you have reached your first goal, you will receive information on what to do next, in order to accomplish your second goal, and so on. 

What are the "Contributions"?

Contributions represent the actual financial resources your Cause gained from each of your supporters.

What is a contributor?

The contributor is the person who is actively supporting your Cause with financial resources by being signed up with one of the available plans.

What does "Direct Enrollments" mean?

Direct Enrollments is the total number of supporters signed up for your Cause.

What does "Personal Group Total" represent?

Personal Group Total is the total financial resources your supporters (people who sign up through you) contributed to your own Cause.

What does "Cause Group Total" represent?

Cause Group Total is the total financial resources you and other supporters contributed to the Cause you have signed up to support.

What does DSP represent?

DSP or Direct supporters represents the number of people who have signed up with Stencora through your personal Cause and are actively contributing towards it.

What does TSP represent?

TSP or Total Supporters represents the total number of people who you and your supporters helped sign up with the program, but are not necessarily actively contributing to your Cause.

What is "Actual funds"?

The "Actual Funds" represent the money that are available for you to use to support your Cause. These funds can be either withdrawn or transferred towards another Cause. 

What is "My Commitments"?

My commitments entails all the details of your cause: name of the Cause, funds you need to raise, number of people who are in your support group and operational hints for your Cause.

What is an "Initiator"?

An initiator is the person who signed up a supporter.

What's the difference between the mobile phone plans and "Support Group Active Plans"?

Mobile Phone Plans is what Stencora has to offer as a variety of choices to its customers, and Support Group Active Plans is what the people supporting one's Cause have chosen for their personal mobile plans. 

Can I add multiple email addresses into one account?

No, at this moment each individual Cause is directly linked to one individual active email address. 

Can I merge two existing accounts into one?

No, since two persons can not be merged into one either. Each individual can create and manage one Cause. 

How can I edit my personal page?

You can easily edit your personal page from your dashboard tab, and clicking on the edit button which is located on the right side of the page.

How can I edit my commitments?

Under the Account Settings, the second tab is called "Commitments". This is where you can edit all the details pertaining to your current commitment. 

How can I contact a person from my support group?

You can easily get in touch with any of the persons you helped sign up with Stencora and their direct descendants. Simply click on "My Support Group" and from there you can contact them by phone, email, facebook, linkedIn or twitter.

How can I add a testimonial to a Cause?

A testimonial can only be added when you are on that specific Cause page.

How can I manage testimonials displayed on my personal page?

Under the Account Settings, the third tab is called "Testimonials". This is where you can sort your Cause testimonials by either order or visibility.

Who can add a testimonial unto my page?

Anyone who is a member of Stencora platform, can add a testimonial to any of the Causes available. 

Is there a way to disable testimonials for my Cause?

Yes, you may allow for a specific testimonial on your personal Cause page to be visible or not. This can be done when going into your account Settings, the third tab which is called "Testimonials" will give you that option.

Can I edit a testimonial displayed on my page?

No, you can not edit any of the testimonials, you may only prioritize them or hide them from being shown on your page. 

Can I choose in what order my testimonials are showed on my page ?

Yes, you can choose in what order testimonials to show up on your page. This can be done when clicking "Testimonials" in your account Settings, and here you can define the specific order for your Cause testimonials.

Where can I withdraw funds to?

You can withdraw funds directly into your personal account or direct them towards the Organization for which your Cause was created.

When can I withdraw funds from my current balance?

You can withdraw funds anytime you like, as long as you have $100 or more available in your current balance.

Is there a limit per transaction to how much I can withdraw from my actual funds?

There is no limit to what amount of funds you want to withdraw from your Stencora account, as long as this amount exceeds the minimum required of $100 per transaction.

Why do I have to send a withdraw request in order to access my funds?

Each request for withdrawal is handled with maximum responsibility, since we know this are actual financial resources at stake, and we want to make sure that money will go towards your specific Cause. 

How long does it take for a request to be processed?

Your request to withdraw will be processed within maximum 5 working days. 

What happens after my request is approved?

After your request has been analyzed and approved, you can then withdraw funds to your designated account.

How long does it take for the actual funds to reach my account after the approval?

This operation usually takes anywhere between 3 to 5 days.

What are the different payment methods for withdrawal?

There are three options for payments: Wire Transfer, HOS or check. 

Am I being charged when I withdraw money from my Stencora account?

Whenever you withdraw money from your Stencora account, depending on the type of payment, a certain fee will be deducted from your transferred amount, according to the four options below:
1. Wire Transfers within US will be charged $25
2. International Wire Transfers will be charged $35
3. HOS Payments will be charged $5
4. Check payments will be charged $5

How can I transfer funds to another Cause?

Under your "Payouts" tab, you also have the option to "Support a Cause". This is where you can literally transfer funds to another Cause of your choosing.

Is there a limit to how much money I can send towards a different Cause?

Yes, there is a minimum limit of $0.10 to be transferred towards another Cause.

How long does it take for funds to be transferred to a different Cause?

If choosing to transfer money to a different Cause, this can be done in an instant. No long waits, need for request or any other hassle. 

Am I being charged for a transfer operation?

No, this operation is free of charge. 

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